1.Plug your WiFi device into an electrical outlet.

2.On a phone, tablet, or computer, search for the device’s WiFi signal and connect to it.

3.Open a browser on your computer or phone and type in the IP address of the Comfast. Typically this is

4.Log into the WiFi device using “admin” as the username and “admin” as the password. (Without the quotes).

5.Select repeater mode.

6.Select your WiFi home network from the given list and enter in your home WiFi password.( The ‘Repeater SSID’ can be named anything you’d like but try not to name it the same as your home network for performance reasons )

7.It’s a good idea to verify that you have an internet connection at the repeater. A suggest way to do this is to connect to the new Comfast’s SSID with your phone or other, and see if you have internet through that connection. If you do, you’re good, if not, then reset the Comfast and try again.

8.Now you are ready to connect your PTLevel!