Outdoor AP

Multiple Operation Modes: The CF-EW71/CF-EW72/CF-E5/CF-WA300CF-WA700/CF-WA800/CF-WA900 supports AP/Router/Bridge modes. AP mode (Set up as an outdoor wireless access point) is recommended for bigger yard. Router mode (Set up as an outdoor wireless router) is recommended for midsize yard.

802.3af/802.3at/PoE Power (PoE Adapter Included) over Ethernet support and simple mounting design allows for flexible deployment and convenient installation. If there are any problem about how to install or set up the device, please contact our tech support: sale@comfastwifi.us

2.4GHz and 5GHz High Transmission Power: Supports the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, which is 3 times faster than Wireless-N. A dual band range extender can boost your existing wireless coverage with speed of up to 867Mbps on 5GHz, 300Mbps on 2.4GHz. Adopts QCA9531 + QCA9886 dual Qualcomm chips from USA, which ensures more stable performance.

High Gain Antennas Provides a Long-range Coverage Area: 2*5dBi Omni-Directional antennas provides 360° network coverage, receiving wireless range becomes wider and more stable. Ideal for extending wifi to backyard/garden/outhouse/pool. Both 2.4G and 5.8G are applied with power amplifier which can improves wireless network reception and transmission function.

Built for Outdoor Wi-Fi Coverage: IP66-rated weatherproof housing that ensures continued operation on harsh outdoor environments or in climates of extreme cold, heat or continuous moisture. Lightning Protection, Waterproof, Dustproof, Antifreeze, High-Temperature Resistant, Antioxidant, ensures stable connection in harsh outdoor conditions.

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1200Mbps Dual Band 2.4G&5.8G Outdoor CPE AP Router WiFi Signal Hotspot Amplifier Repeater Long ..
$338.00 $259.99
Ex Tax: $259.99
1750Mbps Dual Band 2.4G&5.8G Outdoor CPE AP Router WiFi Signal Hotspot Amplifier Repeater Long R..
$899.00 $498.99
Ex Tax: $498.99
300Mbps High Power Wifi Extender Outdoor Wifi AP Waterproof Wifi Repeater router 2.4G Dual 5dbi Exte..
$68.00 $49.99
Ex Tax: $49.99
Specifications: 4G wireless Waterproof outdoor ap Router 2.4Ghz 300Mbps LTE Cat4 ..
$168.00 $119.99
Ex Tax: $119.99
 Comfast CF-E7 2.4G LTE Wireless AP Wifi Router Outdoor CPE plug and play 4G SIM card Wat..
$238.00 $139.99
Ex Tax: $139.99
Comfast EW72 1200Mbps Outdoor WIFI Router Repeater 2.4G 300Mbps + 5Ghz Long Range Outdoor AP Router..
$99.00 $78.90
Ex Tax: $78.90
High Power 1300Mbps Outdoor Wifi Repeater Wireless WIFI Router/AP/Repeater CPE 5G Dual Band LAN WAN..
$399.99 $239.99
Ex Tax: $239.99
   HIGH POWER Outdoor AP Router Comfast CF-WA700 500W Engineering Signal Amplifier WiFi S..
$699.99 $299.90
Ex Tax: $299.90
2.4G Outdoor CPE Wireless WiFi Repeater 300Mbps AR9341 Extender Router AP Wi-Fi Access Point Built ..
$299.99 $169.00
Ex Tax: $169.00
5-11KM long Range Wifi Transmission Outdoor Wireless CPE Bridge 5.8GHZ Comfast CF-E317A Powerful 100..
$219.99 $99.99
Ex Tax: $99.99
25KM long range 900Mbps 5.8Ghz outdoor wireless bridge/CPE for IP cam Nanostation900Mbps Outdoor Wir..
$269.99 $139.99
Ex Tax: $139.99
Comfast 1200Mbps CF-EW74 Dual Band 5Ghz Gigabit High Power Outdoor AP 360degree omnidirectional Cove..
$159.99 $89.99
Ex Tax: $89.99
Note: For this outdoor Ap ,cuz the weight over 2.5kg ,so we will send the package according you..
$799.99 $399.99
Ex Tax: $399.99
Supply 24-48 V 0.32-0.5A power adapter switching power supply 48v Comfast POE network switch po..
$23.88 $16.88
Ex Tax: $16.88
COMFAST E3 4G LTE 2.4GHz WiFi Router 4 Antennas SIM Card WAN LAN Wireless Coverage Network Extender ..
$128.00 $78.00
Ex Tax: $78.00
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